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Armagh and Online Casinos: A Deep Fixation On History

Armagh, a gorgeous city full of wonder, is nestled quietly away in Northern Ireland. A town that was founded over 6500 years ago, it’s known to be one of the earliest settlements on the Emerald Isle. That’s why it’s a city soaked in mythology and history. Whether you’re a local or tourist of Armagh and are entranced by its past, you can look to the Navan Centre & Fort and Richhill Castle, love letters to the city’s intriguing, deep-rooted history.

Armagh isn’t the only place with a fixation on mythology. With the ever-expanding online casino empire, you’ll easily identify slots that are centred around that same passion for digging up our historic past, very similar to what you can find in Armagh. In this article, we’ll be looking closer at the city’s roots, and how casinos also place their focus on mythology-based slots. 

Navan Centre & Fort

The Navan Fort, also known as Emain Macha, was built in 95BC – 2117 years ago to be precise! An ancient monument, just 5 minutes from the city centre, is Ireland’s most famous archaeological site. Now, it’s a bubbling tourist spot. Researchers and historians believe the Navan Fort wasn’t actually a fort at all. We know it was a place of magnificent spiritual importance, but its purpose still stumps us today. Either way, visitors can experience life there 2000 years ago, and it’s a certified way of ensuring this part of Armagh’s past isn’t forgotten. 

Richhill Castle

Constructed in the 17th century, Richhill Castle acted as a country home for Major Richardson between 1664 and 1669, the MP for Armagh. Although you can’t enter this landmark like you can with Navan Fort, this castle joins the long line of grade-A listed buildings in Armagh, meaning it’s a building of historical notoriety and importance, and is another example of Armagh’s rich history that can really take you back to what life was once like in the Irish city. 

Online Casinos

The intrigue and fascination with history and mythology can be found all over the online casino setting. There’s Masters of Olympus, an Ancient Greek slot that has no shortage of Greek Gods and spartan battle gear. There’s Thor’s Hammer Strike, an homage to the Viking Age, and even Gods of Ireland, with plenty of clovers and harps that stay close to the country’s recognised roots.

Although these slots are based on mythology with no definitive answer between fact and fiction, they’re still a representation of history, not only in Ireland but all over the world. Like the sites of Armagh, these slots offer an exclusive, fresh experience for history lovers. These diverse online slots go beyond history and mythology. Players can even play multiple different types of online roulette UK slots, like American roulette, Europe roulette and Hindi roulette. These endless choices and game-specific varieties will certainly resonate well with casino fans.

It’s clear to see that Armagh is a city that’s locked in people’s hearts because of its expansive Irish history that you can easily soak in and let your imagination run wild with. It’s a gem for history lovers, much like online casino history buffs who can dive into plenty of online slots that are built around the very thing Armagh is known for. 

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