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Is it worth building an entertainment hub in Armagh?

County Armagh has long prided itself on a lot of different types of entertainment and culture from traditional arts to theatre and much more. However, amongst all of the history and tradition, what has often been missing has been that touch of the modern expected in the 2020s. The area has many great things to check out but little in the way of digital entertainment or activities. Here’s what a dedicated place for all kinds of entertainment could include and what it could bring.

VR Centre

As resources go, easy access to a virtual reality system ranks incredibly highly in the modern world. We are still at the point where VR headsets have yet to come down in price too much, meaning that the average citizen is unlikely to have one of their own at home. The next best thing is to have ones that can be rented out.

The potential behind virtual reality goes far beyond the entertainment value. For example, it has been noted as an excellent training tool for all kinds of skills via specially designed apps, so people could get basic training in things like assembly or plumbing with simulated hands-on experience. It means that in one place there is both an economic benefit and a training resource at once.

Digital Media

Speaking of things that people wouldn’t have in their own homes, more advanced or specialist media facilities could also be a big economic boost for the county. For example, while the area has a number of cinemas capable of showing 3D media, something like an iMax screen would certainly be a huge draw.

Aside from cinema, it could also serve to introduce a missing entertainment form in the area. A modern casino would both be unique in the area and, if popularity is anything to go by, a big appeal to bring in both local players and those from further out. Virtual play is at a peak right now, and given that online live dealer casinos are a big part of that, giving people a real-life option is likely to be a successful move.

Sport and Leisure

While there are more than a few places for things like hiking and climbing around Northern Ireland as a whole, facilities for sport and leisure are surprisingly uncommon around County Armagh. In particular, the nearest location for any kind of climbing activity is all the way over in County Monaghan.

Photo by yns plt on Unsplash

Indoor rock climbing is something else that has shot up in popularity in recent years, and having a dedicated space for it as part of a hub would be a plus point for the area. Pair it with general sports facilities such as gym, a pool and perhaps courts for tennis and basketball, and it would serve as a central point for entertainment as well as a great promotion of health and fitness.

The big question, of course, comes down to where such a hub could be located, but if we’ve learned anything from years of development, it’s that there’s always a place to be found if the demand is high enough!

Main image source: Unsplash

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