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Huge entry for 58th Around A Pound Tandragee 100

The North Armagh Motorcycle and Car Club Ltd is delighted to launch the 58th Around A Pound Tandragee 100 on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5.

“The circuit’s in deepest, greenest rural Northern Ireland, with a paddock that’s more gently waving grass and blizzards of blossom than tarmac and caravans…When you ride the circuit, what strikes you is how beautifully it all flows together, each corner feeding into the next one…The circuit really does have everything: tight corners; a long main straight; and fast corners you take in 4th or 5th gear with the throttle wide open…and what you can’t see from a map is the way the circuit rises and falls the whole time.” (Patrick Walker, Works Racing)

Just a few of the stars you can expect to see at the Tandragee 100 National Road Races on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th May 2018 include Guy Martin, William Dunlop, Derek Sheils Derek McGee, Micko Sweeney, and rising stars Joe Loughlin, Paul Jordan and Adam McLean as well as favourites such as Davy Morgan, Nigel Moore and Barry Davidson.

The Tandragee 100 Course was, voted 4th Best Road Racing Course in the World (only the TT, Macau & UGP came higher) and the word is spreading as the ever popular duo Michal Dukoupil and Veronika Hankocyova from Czech Republic will be joined by Daniel Mettham (New Zealand), Kenny Hinck, Chris Meyer, Mathias Winkenjohann and Vassilios Takos (from Germany); Enrico Rocchi (Italy) and Mel Gantly (Canada) who together will provide a truly international flavour to this year’s event.

The ladies are showing their strength in numbers as this year regulars such as Yvonne Montgomery, Sarah Boyes and Veronika Hankocyova will again be joined by Melissa Kennedy and newcomer Aileen Keenan.

This year’s whopping Tandragee 100 Entry includes over 360 entries with 9 competitors hailing from Overseas and 36 circuit newcomers, this is proof that road racing is still very much alive and kicking in the shallow hills of County Armagh!

As always costs have risen this year however we are delighted to be able to offer a prize fund of approximately £11,000! All the races this year will be Irish/Ulster Championships Races with the exception of the Forgotten Era and Supermono classes.

We appeal for everyone to support the Around A Pound Tandragee 100 by purchasing a programme as this is one of the main revenue streams for the event and/or make a donation in the bucket with the programme sellers.


The Club warmly welcomes our good friends Gerry and Siobhan Rice of Around A Pound as our continuing overall race sponsors. They have been with us for over 10 years!

Around A Pound – is a family run business formed in 1998. They deal mainly in discount soft goods and are based in Newry with outlets in Newry, Newcastle, Lurgan, Armagh and most recently in Warrenpoint. Gerard certainly is an enthusiast and is once again supporting Michael Dunlop in the 2018 season. Sincere thanks to Gerard and Siobhan Rice for their continuing support.

Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council – have once again contributed substantially to the Race. Our thanks are due to the Regeneration and Development Committee. Also thanks are due to the Council Staff, particularly the Regeneration & Development Committee; Barry Pearson; Gregg Wilson; Andrew Johnston; Sarah McGeary (Marketing) and Susan Parks (Admin) for their on-going assistance.

We would like to take this opportunity to offer thanks to our good friend Councillor Gareth Wilson, Lord Mayor of Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council for hosting the Press Conference in Craigavon Civic Centre. Thank you Lord Mayor Wilson.

Mahon Garden Centre are for the third year a sponsor of an Ambulance. Mahon Garden Centre was established in 1988 by the Eakins family and is now a leading plant orientated, independent Garden Centre, growing the majority of the stock on their own nursery, ensuring the highest quality possible. Situated in County Armagh it offers a click and collect service to its customers via its website. Robert Eakins is no stranger to the motorcycle racing scene being a long-time sponsor and friend to the talented and very successful Marshal Neill, Woolsey Coulter and in more recent times up and coming short circuit star Mark Murphy.

Thanks also to the help of dedicated Club Members we have been able to put together what promises to be a first class event in 2018. The other companies and individuals who have helped the Club, in either a financial or material way, to make the Tandragee 100 happen, are also greatly appreciated. In particular we’d like to acknowledge the Officials, First Aid, Marshals, Flag Marshals, Press, etc without who we couldn’t run the event. To these, and many others, the Club owes a great deal of thanks and if we have left anyone out we can only apologise.

It is because of our hard working volunteers that the Club in 2016 was honoured with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK. This is the first time a motorsport group have received this esteemed mark of distinction. The North Armagh Motorcycle & Car Club (Tarmac Section) Ltd is immensely proud of the recognition that this Award represents. It is a demonstration to all of our many volunteers that what they do really makes a difference.

For up to date information and news please visit our web site: or Facebook or Twitter.

We are also wish to thank Omnicoverage for providing the Promo Video that you can view on Facebook and u-Tube. We are also delighted to have Greenlight TV on board this year.


The opening race of the day will be the McCrum’s Motorcycles First Open Race – McCrum’s Motorcycles is a family run business formed in February 2013. Wes also very much enjoys being part of the community, running weekly Wednesday runs during the bike season, hosting an Annual Bikers & Trikers Charity Run in July and an Annual Charity BBQ in August.

Entries include: Thomas Maxwell, William Dunlop, James Chawke, Dominic Herbertson, Paul Jordan, Michal Dukoupil, Joseph Loughlin, Daniel Matthem, Rhys Hardisty, Adam McLean, Darren Cooper, Stephen McKnight, Michael Sweeney, Davy Morgan, Davey Todd, Derek Sheils, Derek McGee, Seamus Elliott, Andy Farrell, Damien Horan, etc.


The Junior Support Race for 201-400cc machines is sponsored for the second time by Principal Insurance. Founded in Manchester in 2011, Principal extended its operations into Ireland by opening its Dublin office in 2015. It has grown quickly and now arranges cover for nearly ten percent of all road registered riders in Ireland. It is also a significant player in the UK motorcycle insurance market and along with its specialist car and van operations, now boasts over 30,000 policyholders.

Entries include: Vic Allen, RJ Woolsey, Sarah Boyes, Malcolm Love, Davy Graham, Robert Cairns, Brian Loughlin, Liam Chawke, Mark Johnson, Yvonne Montgomery, Kenny Hinck, Gavin Brown, Jamie O’Brien, Andrew Jackson, Tommy Heaphy, Ben Mullane, Chris Meyer, Thomas Whitmore, Aaron Mellish, Ben Plant, Stephen Morrison, John Leigh Pemberton, Shaun Wynne, etc.


CVRS Media – Intelligent Data Systems are the sponsors for the Supersport 600cc Race. The Club is delighted to welcome on board Clive Neame who has confirmed CVRS will sponsor the 600cc Race for 3 years. Whilst bringing sponsorship they are also committed to research and develop in these key areas of the Sport: Rider and Team Revenue through Digital Media; and Safety enhancements through use of Cameras on Bikes.

Entries include: Thomas Maxwell, William Dunlop, James Chawke, Dominic Herbertson, Paul Jordan, Michal Dukoupil, Dennis Booth, Joseph Loughlin, Shaun Anderson, Daniel Mettham, Rhys Hardisty, Sam Johnson, Adam McLean, Darren Cooper, Michael Sweeney, Alan Johnston, Davy Morgan, Davey Todd, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Dean Campbell, Derek Sheils, Derek McGee, Andy Farrell, Forest Dunn, Paul Cranston, Neil Kernohan, etc.


The Phillip Riddell Memorial Classic Championship Race is sponsored by 21st Century Backcare. Under the banner of The 21st Century Backcare Raymond & Trevor who are sons of the late Dick Knox, long time Club President and motorcycle and motor car racer extraordinaire are again overall sponsors of the Classic Race which is divided into three classes that have been individually sponsored.

Up to 250cc Class sponsored by Donald McMorran, proprietor of Millside Engineering who has been a long-time supporter of Tandragee and lives on the course on the Markethill Road. He has 30 years engineering experience and has produced precision parts for the riders.

Race for 251cc – 350cc class is sponsored by R Heatrick Ltd a local building firm who we welcome again.

Race for 351cc – 500cc class is sponsored by William McCombe & Son who we welcome as sponsor for the 5th time in 2018.

Race for 501cc – 1000cc class is sponsored by Woolsey Concrete Ltd who have been supporting the Tandragee 100 over a number of years.

Entries include: Richard Ford, Gary Hutton, Alex McVicker, Philip Shaw, Brian Mateer, Freddie Stewart, Nigel Moore, Barry Davidson, Ian Thompson, Sean Leonard, Tim Stephenson, Gary Jamison, Sam Kinkead, John Bell, Patrick Walker, Mark Parrett, John Leigh Pemberton, Chris Turner, Wallace Seawright, Guy Martin, Trevor Stewart, Robert McCrum, Aileen Keenan, etc.


This year Tayto NI Ltd, who are our longest standing sponsor, are the sponsors of the 650cc Supertwins race and we welcome Mr Tayto tonight. Tayto NI Ltd whose products are well known not only the length and breadth of Ireland but all over the world, will again have Mr Tayto and their mobile unit at the event. Thanks again to Stephen Hutchinson and in particular his marketing manager Bob Brown.

The Supermono Class is sponsored by CVRS Media – Intelligent Data Systems who have come on board for three years.

The 250cc GP Championship sponsored by Simon Magee Plumbing & Heating. The Club is delighted to have Simon on board again this year. Simon provides a top class plumbing and heating service.

Entries include: Paul Robinson, Neil Kernohan, Thomas Maxwell, James Chawke, Michael Browne, Paul O’Rourke, Michal Dukoupil, Joseph Loughlin, Paul Gartland, Robert Cairns, Daniel Mettham, Andy Farrell, Barry Davidson, Veronika Hankocyova, Adam McLean, Darren Cooper, Stephen McKnight, Michael Sweeney, Gavin Brown, Ben Mullane, Tommy Henry, Derek McGee, Des Butler, Seamus Elliott, Thomas Whitmore, Shaun Anderson, Ben Plant, Barry Lee Evans, John Ella, Davey Todd, Tim Stephenson, Shaun Wynne, etc.


Tandragee Supervalu Irish Championship Senior Support Race for 401cc – 750cc machines will be sponsored this year by Tandragee Supervalu. Neville and Philip Woods are well known local businessmen trading as Supervalu on the Portadown Road, Tandragee, on the Dobbin Road, Portadown and in Richhill.

Entries include: Kevin Baker, Darryl Anderson, John Cahill, Ian Pert, Michael Brown, Steven Clarke, Stuart McCann, James Reveley, Aaron Mellish, Yvonne Montgomery, Jordan McFerran, Mark Johnson, Rad Hughes, Veronika Hankocyova, Matt Donaldson, Ben Wales, Tommy Henry, Barry Sheehan, Stephen Cargo Carr, William Hara, John O’Donovan, Mathias Winkenjohann, Mel Gantly, Shaun Wynne, etc.


The City Autos Lightweight Class is open to 125cc grand prix machines. City Autos Ltd owned by club member, Ivor Hadden, has rightfully gained a reputation for carrying out work to the highest standard in a friendly manner. As always thank you Ivor.

The 400cc Supersport Class is sponsored by Groucho’s Cafe Bar & Music Lounge the place to be in Richhill. The Club again welcomes proprietor Peter Lyness.

450cc singles Class is sponsored by Portadown Recycling Ltd. Portadown Recycling offer a variety of facilities including skip hire for domestic use and to the construction industry. Thanks to Wesley Jamison.

The Forgotten Era Class is sponsored by Downshire Coaches who have been with us for a number of years and who kindly supplied one of their luxury coaches for the Roads Inspection.

Entries include: Sarah Boyes, Sean Leonard, Malcolm Love, Dan Sayle, Adam McLean, Ronnie Scott, Jamie O’Brien, Derek McGee, Andrew Jackson, Neil Kernohan, Chris Meyer, Melissa Kennedy, Nigel Moore, Guy Martin, Chris McGahan, Richard Ford, Ian Thompson, Kenny Hinck, Des Butler, Robert McCrum, Vic Allan, RJ Woolsey, Roy Beattie, Steven Clarke, Paul Gartland, David Howard, Yvonne Montgomery, Darryl Tweed, Mark Shiels, Darren Duncan, Stephen Tobin, Aaron Mellish, Dave Walsh, Lloyd Collins, etc.


Around A Pound Tandragee 100 Senior Open Race, the feature race of the day which is sponsored by our overall sponsor and this race will have prize money of over £2000. The winner will collect £1,000.

Entries include: Thomas Maxwell, William Dunlop, Vassilios Takos, James Chawke, Ryan Maher, Martin Lowe, Alan Connor, Paul Jordan, Michal Dukoupil, Graham Kennedy, Joseph Loughlin, Paul Gartland, Donald MacFadyen, Shaun Anderson, Daniel Matthem, Adam McLean, Darren Cooper, Stephen McKnight, Michael Sweeney, Alan Johnston, Davy Morgan, Derek Shiels, Steve Horne, Derek McGee, Andy Farrell, Paul Cranston, Seamus Elliott, Paul Fallon, Neil Kernohan, Damian Horan, Mike Norbury, Barry Lee Evans, etc.

Tandragee Guardian – Safe Spectate Initiative

In collaboration with CVRS Media – Intelligent Data Systems the North Armagh Motorcycle & Car Club (Tarmac Section) Ltd are trialling Tandragee Guardian, a safe spectate initiative. Medical ID Cards will be issued with each programme to give information to First Aiders and/or by entering your details onto Guardian’s online secure website. Tandragee Guardian is all about exploring innovative ways to enhance health and safety for our volunteers and our visitors. We are delighted to be trialling the Medical ID Card and online registry at this year’s Around A Pound Tandragee 100.

This year ONE of our Race Programmes will have a message somewhere inside. If yours is the winning programme it will contain details of how to collect your prize of VIP hospitality and an official Club Polo Shirt. Please support the event by buying a Programme and you’ll be in with a chance.

Further Awards

This year, with permission from Dario Cecconi’s family, we are introducing “The Spirit of Tandragee 100” award in his memory. It will not be presented for being the first, the best, the fastest…but for demonstrating something truly wonderful, a willingness to go to great lengths without much support to participate, to live for the moment, proving that they are the heart and soul of Irish Road Racing at Tandragee…just like Dario did. Sean Halliday from NI, but who lives in USA, has also contributed to this award. Dario’s family have also very generously donated a sum of money to be presented along with the trophy.

The Volunteer of the Year Award in memory of Club Member Florence Burns. Florence was well known in racing circles and had been a stalwart of the Club for many years – it is because of Volunteers like Florence that all of our road racing events can take place. Florence is very sadly missed by the Club.

The Joe McKeown Memorial Trophy – awarded for the Best Classic Newcomer.

The Eddie Sinton Memorial Trophy – awarded for the first 600cc machine to finish in the Tandragee 100 Race.

The Philip Riddall Memorial Trophy – awarded at the discretion of the Riddall Family.

Milne Racing have sponsored an award of £200 to the Man of the Meeting and £100 for the Fastest Lap of the Day.

David McWaters, MCW Photography/Dunlop Racing Club (who sponsor Colin Dunlop) has kindly donated £100 for the Best Newcomer in the Junior Support Class and £50 to the Club.

Club Charity of the Year – Jonah’s Fight – #JonahsFight – This year’s chosen charity is Jonah’s Fight, which was set-up in honour of Jonah Ryzo Carvalho Carceres who died from a brain tumour at two years of age after fighting so hard for a diagnosis. The charity’s main aim is to make sure all children have access to MRI’s by funding private screenings when they don’t feel like they are getting the help they need, and to just try and make the hardest fight of a family’s life, just that little bit easier. There will be Jonah’s Fight representatives collecting funds in the paddock…please give generously as the charity is not yet well known and they need every penny they can get.

Tandragee 100 Supporters Club – On Sunday 22nd April 2018 the Tandragee 100 Supporters Club, have organised a Ride Out. Please contact any of the Supporters Club Officials for more details.

Injured Riders Sponsored Walk – On Sunday 29th April 2018 The Injured Riders Welfare Fund will be holding their Annual Walk of the Tandragee Course to help raise money and awareness of this fund. The walk will start at 14:00hrs (02:00pm) from Moyourkan Orange Hall, walking the entire 5.3 mile course and returning to the Hall for refreshments. For further details regarding this event please contact Mrs Sheila Sinton MBE on 028 3884 1367 or 07780916107.

Disability Access – contact Mrs Sinton MBE if you require a Disability Access Badge and information for the Race Day.

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