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Man who assaulted ex and failed to complete community service given suspended jail term instead

His defence said he did 'not believe he could complete the community service or that he could get the time off work to do so'


A Portadown man who assaulted his ex-girlfriend had his community service revoked and replaced with a suspended prison sentence after medical evidence was produced.

The district judge previously had warned the 28-year-old’s solicitor that “immediate custody” was likely without this evidence being provided.

Dean Heasley, of Markville, appeared for a probation application to revoke a combination order at Craigavon Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Defence solicitor Siun Downey stated: “Probation have confirmed receipt of the medical evidence and I can provide it to your worship.”

District Judge Amanda Brady commented: “I can see that goes some way to explaining this. Would you like for me to allow more time for the completion of the order?”

Ms Downey replied: “Mr Heasley has been left in the situation where he does not believe he could complete the community service, or that he could get the time off work to do so.

“I am in your worship’s hands. I would ask that you revoke the order and leave something hanging over his head.”

District Judge Brady stated: “Looking at the original offence, this was two common assaults against his ex-girlfriend. There are some concerning entries in the past but there is nothing recent.

“In the circumstances, I will revoke the order and substitute it with a suspended sentence.”

Heasley was sentenced to four months in prison suspended for a period of two years.

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