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Newry woman’s book aims to shed light on ‘legal misconduct and injustice’ in NI

"The process of creating the book was surprisingly therapeutic but at the same time undeniably deeply stressing"

Elle Quinn

A Newry woman and her mum have written a new book which they hope will “shed light on the pressing issues within the legal system”.

Elle Quinn and her mum, Jennifer O’Reilly, say their book, ‘Forged Destinies’, was inspired by “years of hardship” in their quest to “unveil corruption within Northern Ireland’s courts”.

The book is a story inspired by real events, portraying the Blackwell family’s pursuit of the Pebbledash house owned by the O’Reilly clan.

At the centre of the tale is Jennifer O’Reilly, who becomes a symbol of resilience, fighting fiercely to protect her family’s home. The novel goes beyond a typical story, delving into questions of justice, power, and the determination to safeguard what matters most.

In this narrative, the Blackwell family’s plans and Jennifer O’Reilly’s unwavering stand aim to highlight broader societal issues.

Author Elle Quinn says that while the Blackwell family in the book are caricatures, based on mobsters from American films, the events of her mum trying to save their home are all true.

She commented: “Forged Destinies not only offers an engaging plot but also prompts readers to think about justice limits, the search for a home, and the strong human spirit that rises in challenging times.

“The blend of fiction and reality in the book creates a compelling experience, leaving readers with a deeper appreciation for the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity.”

She continued: “One of the things that inspired us to write our book was the many people, who we shared our challenges with the justice system with, telling us ‘that would make a great book’ or ‘your story sounds like a movie’.

“That really was part of the inspiration, coupled with the belief that our story needed to be told. The process of creating the book was surprisingly therapeutic but at the same time undeniably deeply stressing.

“We pushed ahead, putting all our time and money into this project because our hopes, wishes and end goal was to bring our story to the Irish public because we really believe in our hearts that it’s an Irish story that needs to be heard.”

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