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Join almost 3000 local people and make a difference with Hospice Lottery

Did you know that every week nearly 3000 local people, just like you, pay £1 each to enter the Hospice Lottery.

It’s an opportunity to win a guaranteed weekly prize and a rollover of up to £5000 as well as make a real difference to patients and their families who are in need of the Hospice services.

A past winner of the Hospice Lottery shares why they play: “We as a family play the lottery in memory of our mother…. we feel it is a beautiful way to celebrate their life and legacy.

“To be making a difference even just £1 a week and to help in the lives of others who are facing similar challenges. We are keeping our mothers’ spirit alive in our hearts and a thank you for all the help and comfort she received”.

Joining the Hospice Lottery is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can sign up online or get in touch with the Lottery Office directly.

All prizes are automatically posted directly to winners, so there’s no need to claim your prize. The difference £1 a week can make is amazing, and the Hospice Lottery players truly make a difference.

If you would like to become a regular supporter of Southern Area Hospice for just £1 per week as well as for a chance to win, register online today at or call 028 3026 7711.

You can also register by simply scanning the QR code below.

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