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Man who assaulted his wife and son to appeal prison sentence

Craigavon Magistrates Court

A Portadown man who assaulted his wife and son has been sentenced to five months in prison.

Upon handing down the sentence, the judge also put in place a three-year restraining order commenting: “This should prevent him from returning to the family home upon his release”.

Antonio Agostinho Tavares, 47, of Thomas Street, was sentenced for two counts common assault at Craigavon Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

Defence barrister David McKeown stated: “This was a matter that did go ahead by way of contest, therefore, he is due no credit.

“This is a man who has lived in this jurisdiction for 10 years and over that time has demonstrated a strong work ethic”.

He added: “Against that probation have assessed him as having a medium likelihood of reoffending and they feel there is some valuable work that can be carried out”.

District Judge Bernie Kelly said: “Mr Tavares, you contested these charges as far as you contested that you assaulted your son, which required your son and your wife to give evidence.

“Therefore, you are not due any credit for the way in which you met this matter”.

She continued: “You have a significant entry on your record from November 2013, which is highly relevant and displays your propensity to show violence towards children.

“Then you wonder why you have a bad relationship with your son”.

Judge Kelly relayed the specifics of the case saying: “You told your wife to get out of the living room, whilst you had a late night conversation online which kept the whole house up.

“You accept that you assaulted your wife after which the other injured party in the case came to her defence”.

She stated: “I came to find your son a genuine witness, an example of best behaviour and a child any parent would be proud of”.

Judge Kelly commented: “In the presentence report, there is no more than a bat of your eye about the thought of moving back into the family home as if nothing has happened.

“As you think because you and your wife are not separated she is still your property, there is a complete lack of remorse, a complete lack of understanding”,

She added: “The idea that in the 21st century a woman is not allowed in her own living room is anathema”.

Tavares was sentenced to five months in prison.

In addition, a restraining order for three years was put in place between him and the injured parties.

Judge Kelly commented: “This should prevent him from returning to the family home upon his release”.

Mr McKeown made the court aware that the defendant wished to appeal this sentence.

Tavares was released on his own bail of £500 with the condition not to contact the injured parties pending his appeal.



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