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Man dressed in classic gangster suit suspected of random and vicious stabbing

Man was stabbed in the neck in early hours of Sunday morning

A man dressed in a classic Hallowe’en gangster suit has been charged with stabbing an unsuspecting member of the public over the weekend.

Police have issued another appeal for witnesses following the attack in the William Street area of Lurgan in the small hours of Sunday morning.

“We’re currently dealing with a stab victim who was attacked, seemingly at random, on Saturday night/Sunday morning on Charles Street/ William Street, Lurgan,” said a police spokesperson.

“Thankfully his injuries won’t be life changing, but this could have been so much worse. The main laceration he has is to the back of his neck.

“We have a male in custody. He was arrested for GBH with intent and a breach of court bail.

“While he will be in court this morning (Monday) for the breach of court bail, we have had to bail him on the GBH with intent case pending further enquiries. You could hold the key to those enquiries.

“Any right minded person will agree that this sort of thuggery has no place on our streets, and the person responsible needs to be put before the courts. We need your help to make sure that happens.

“Night time disorder is not just a hobby for drunken morons; it has taken lives before.

“Add a knife into the equation and the potential carnage doesn’t bare thinking about.

“The attack happened somewhere 10 and 20 past midnight into Sunday morning on Charles Street, just behind the Court House bar.

“The suspect was wearing a black and white pin stripe suit with white shirt, a black fabric costume type thing over his shoulders but under his striped jacket.

“We believe he was kicked out of The Courthouse prior to this attack taking place.

“We also believe a small red pen knife used, and that he ran off into the Shankill area.

“Did you see the attack? Do you know the male involved? What about the knife? Have you seen a red penknife discarded in the area since? If so, don’t touch it, call us. If you witnessed this attack, or have any information round it, please call 101. The reference number is 48 of the 29/10/17.

“Alternatively you can speak completely anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”


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