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Man assaulted 16-year-old boy and threw him in pile of manure

Craigavon Court

A man who assaulted a 16-year-old punching him and throwing him on a pile of manure has been sentenced to 200 hours community service.

Court heard the 23-year-old was accused of calling the injured party a “fenian” prior to the incident but told police he had referred to him as a “gypsy”.

Denver Blake Wiltshire, of Castle Wood in Dromore, pleaded guilty to common assault at Craigavon Magistrates’ last Wednesday.

It was heard that on August 30, the injured party was finishing up at work when he was approached by the defendant, who was a co-worker.

The injured party claimed¬†Wiltshire called him a “fenian” to which he told the defendant: “F*** off you ginger p****”.

Wiltshire then punched the injured party to the face before grabbing him in a headlock and throwing him on concrete and manure.

The injured party complained of a sore neck and back.

He told police that he did not think to fight back as the defendant was much bigger than him and he did not think he would go back to work.

When interviewed,¬†Wiltshire denied calling the injured party a “fenian” but said he had referred to him as a “gipsy” as he bought and sold horses.

He said he had not punched the injured party with force or in hatred as he was only messing around.

It was heard the pair worked as relief milkers and often worked together from three or four in the morning until five in the evening.

Defence barrister Damien Halloran stated: “Through the course of the day frustrations and tempers can be frayed with a number of insults being thrown across the milking parlour”.

He claimed this sort of language was commonplace in this work place with most of the workers aged between 16 and 24.

Mr Halloran said: “There is no suggestion that the court should condone this behaviour”.

He stated: “What had began as horseplay had by the defendant’s own plea gone beyond with his actions.

“He accepts that he used a fist to punch the injured party and that he ended up in a pile of manure”.

Mr Halloran continued: “He is much older than the injured party and accepts that he is much larger in stature.

“His behaviour was unacceptable and his force disproportionate”.

It was heard that both parties still work in the same employment in different shifts and that the defendant had been assessed as having a low likelihood of reoffending”.

Wiltshire was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and ordered to pay compensation of £400 to the injured party.

A restraining order was also put in place between the defendant and the injured party for three years.

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