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Derelict school at Derrytrasna church to be demolished to help improve public safety

St Mary's RC Church wants to demolish the building to create car parking spaces and will also provide a new 'two vehicle' access to try and encourage church-goers to stop parking along the side of the busy Derrytrasna Road

Derelict Derrytrasna primary school

A derelict school in the grounds of St Mary’s RC Church at Derrytrasna looks set to be demolished.

The eyesore will be razed to the ground to make way for more car parking provision.

It will, that is, if Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council answers the prayers of the church.

An application has been submitted in the name of Fr Fitzpatrick, of Seagoe Parish Parochial House.

The proposals refer to St Mary’s Church on the Derrytrasna Road, Craigavon.

The church is hoping to undertake alterations and improvements to the access to the site. A new boundary wall also features in the proposals, and the intention is to demolish the derelict school on site to increase off road parking facilities.

The new site access would be sufficient to accommodate two cars leaving and entering the park at the same time.

This, the church feels, will help address safety concerns.

Papers accompanying the submission explain the situation thus: “The church and cemetery have existed on site for approximately 150 years and, as such, the site was not designed for modern vehicular traffic.

“Parking spaces on site are limited, the presence of the old school building creates challenges in terms of manoeuvrability on site.

“Safety is also an issue particularly where small children are present.

“The majority of the attendees to the church tend to park on the roadside. This is partially due to the limited number of car parking spaces. The restricted single car access  is also a factor. Drivers tend to be reluctant to try to access the site during busy times and opt to park on the roadside instead.

“The site access allows for single file traffic only, causing incoming traffic to wait on the Derrytrasna Road to allow egressing traffic to exit.

“Visibility splays are minimal and the safety issues with this are exacerbated by the speed of traffic on this road.

“Whilst the road has a 30mph speed limit it is a long straight road and many vehicles to not adhere to the speed limit on the respective stretch of the road.

“The proposal intends to improve the respective issues of concern.”

The application will now be considered and a decision made in due course.

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