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Craigavon restaurant shares staggering £71,000 rates bill

Number Seven Restaurant

A small restaurant in Rushmere Shopping Centre in Craigavon has shared its latest rates bill – a staggering £71,000!

Number Seven Rushmere received their rates bill from Land and Property Services through the post this week before taking to social media to share the exorbitant request for dough – much to the astonishment of many.

“We felt we had to share this so our customers can understand why at times we have to raise and charge the prices we do,” the owners wrote.

“This is this year’s RATES bill for our 120 capacity cafe in Rushmere Shopping Centre. Bear in mind we pay for our rent, bins, water and other services separately, what does £71k per year cover?”

Businesses were this week issued with their annual rates bills and many will be facing hefty figures which will undoubtedly put more pressure on already hard-up businesses; for some it could mean the end!

The team at Number Seven will have to fork out a little over £7,100 a month just to cover the bill – or the equivalent of three full-time salaries.

Many shared their disgust and shock at the bill.

One man reacted: “That’s completely ridiculous and criminal to put this added strain on people in this current struggling economy.

“Imagine what the figure must be for the whole of Northern Ireland if this is what a small restaurant has to pay.
What would happen if people stopped paying? Would our health system fall to pieces or maybe our roads would be full of pot holes? Oh wait…”

One woman wrote: “Is it any wonder shops are closing, the shops that try to keep going are probably funding the pen pushers who don’t know what it’s like to SURVIVE; the council should be ashamed to charge these extortionate charges, and you still have water rates and bin collections to pay separately, so what exactly are the shops getting for their £71,000.”

Number Seven are no strangers to extortionate charges.

In September 2022 the restaurant said “enough is enough” when they were landed with an electricity bill for a single month as just over £9,000.

While the business has shown resilience in the face of such adversities, there are many who will not be able to sustain increased charges just to keep their doors open.

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