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Nurse drinks 26-year-old bottle of Lucozade found in bedroom of childhood Co Armagh home

A nurse who discovered a 26-year-old bottle of Lucozade she had hidden in a wardrobe at her childhood Co Armagh home says it tasted fine.

Paula Peacock, 43, who now lives in Scotland, made the nostalgic find of the glass bottle – remember those – when she was visiting her family home in Armagh recently.

The mum-of-two was a teenager when she hid the tiny glass bottle in the back of a wardrobe – a bottle with a best before date of February 1994.

Despite her years as a nurse, Paula persuaded her dad Jim Martin to partake in the gruesome taste test.

“We both agreed it tasted the same but a bit flat,” she told the Sun newspaper.

“When I found it, I was like ‘oh my word’ — they don’t even do the glass bottles any more.

“I did feel nostalgic, I keep looking at it — it’s quite dinky.”

A spokesperson for the drink giant said: “A drink this old has well surpassed its shelf life and so we wouldn’t recommend drinking it.”


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