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Mum’s plea to find precious teddy bear and comfort blanket lost at Georgian Day

Baby son's blanket and bear irreplaceable as no longer made by Disney

An Armagh mum is appealing for help to find her baby son’s teddy bear and comfort blanket which were lost in the busy city centre during yesterday’s Georgian Day celebrations.

Sarah Moynes is hoping that someone may have seen little Shea’s Mickey Mouse teddy and blanket and either held on to them for safe keeping or handed them in to a local shop.

They mean so much to Shea and Sarah is desperate to have them back again.

Disney no longer make this particular teddy and 10-month-old Shea is lost without it.

Sarah has been out again looking on Sunday morning but has had no luck.

She is hoping some Armagh I reader might be able to point them in the right direction.

Sarah said: “My mum bought the teddy in the Disney shop last Christmas while I was still pregnant; we didn’t know for sure I was having a boy but my mum is a good guess.

“After Shea was born I contacted Disney to see if they had anymore just to have a spare but they told me they didn’t make it anymore.”

On Saturday, Sarah and her husband took their daughter and baby Shea to watch Frozen at the Omniplex.

She added: “My husband was carrying the baby who had the teddy; my little girl wanted to go see some of the entertainment that was happening across from Embers.

“We started to walk back to the car which was parked outside the bike shop on College Street so we are assuming the teddy was dropped between the cinema, outside Embers or the walk back to the car.

“The streets were so busy and it was so cold we rushed to the car and went to Home Bargains and didn’t notice until there that it was missing. I checked Home Bargains – it wasn’t there – then I walked back up the street but had no joy

“We are hoping someone lifted it and is keeping it safe.”

This little bear and blanket are so special for Shea and he just loves them.

“Shea’s favourite features of the teddy is his wee hand that he likes to hold specially when he’s sleeping,” said Sarah. “He also loves to rub the wee blanket bit on his face.”

If anyone knows anything or can point the family in the right direction please contact Sarah on 075 0017 0239.

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