Over 140 staff at ABC Council have taken part in training as part of its move to become a JAM Card friendly organisation.

The council says it has demonstrated commitment to customers by ensuring staff are equipped to provide excellent customer service to people with learning difficulties and communication barriers.

Training was provided to staff with the knowledge they need to ensure that users of the JAM Card feel welcome in their establishment.

The JAM Card – which stands for Just A Minute – is a social innovation from the NOW Group, an organisation that supports people with learning difficulties and autism into employment.

It was their service users who said they would like a discreet way of telling people that sometimes they need a little extra time and patience.

The JAM Card was created first as a credit card sized card and has recently been developed into an app for smartphones.

The card or app can be used to alert staff in leisure centres or community centres for example that the person needs a little bit of patience and understanding when interacting with you.

“I am absolutely delighted and extremely proud to say that this council is officially a JAM Card friendly organisation,” said Lord Mayor Julie Flaherty.

“Representatives from the NOW group came to talk to councillors earlier this year and we were so impressed with the idea that we couldn’t wait to sign up and become part of it.

“Ensuring excellent customer service for everyone who uses our facilities is of paramount importance to us and this training means that users of the JAM card will feel welcome and comfortable at all times in any of our buildings.”

You can find out more about the JAM Card at www.jamcard.org and NOW Group at www.nowgroup.org