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‘It is five shows or none at all’ says Brooks after two gigs axed

The unfolding drama that is the series of Garth Brooks’ Croke Park gigs has taken a dramatic turn after the singer, through his PR people, tonight issued a statement, insisting: “For us it is five shows or none at all.”

Legions of fans were already left gutted by the decision taken by Dublin City Council to permit only two of his shows later this month.

A PR statement from the legendary Brooks said: “I can’t thank the people of Ireland enough for how welcome they have made me feel. I have faith that Dublin City Council will make the best decision for the people of Ireland.

“For us, it is five shows or none at all.

“To choose which shows to do and which shows not to do would be like asking to choose one child over another. However, this plays out, Ireland has my heart and always will.”.

Two shows, on Monday and Tuesday, July 28 and 29, were refused by Dublin City Council, leaving an estimated 160,000 fans with last minute heartbreak.

Only the first three shows, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 25, 26 and 27, were given the go-ahead.

Residents in the area of Croke Park had threatened to take legal action after the first two shows sold out in record time and, due to demand, the run was extended to five in a row.


Residents had threatened legal action over the series of gigs after an initially announced two night run was extended to five.

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