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Praise for hospital staff after abusive man had to be restrained by six officers

Daisy Hill Hospital, Newry

Praised has been  heaped on hospital staff after they were forced to deal with an abusive man who had to be restrained by six PSNI officers.

Newry and Armagh DUP Assemblyman William Irwin MLA has praised police and hospital staff at Daisy Hill for dealing with a man who had been placed under arrest and due to a cut, required hospital treatment.

The PSNI placed an apology on their Facebook page for the disruption caused in the hospital as the man’s injuries were dealt with as he continued to be abusive and had to be restrained.

“The Police and Hospital staff deserve praise for the actions in both firstly responding swiftly to this issue and despite continued aggression, fully treated the individual to allow him to be brought in to custody,” said Mr Irwin.

He added: “This incident proves the real risks faced not only by our Police officers but also by our hard working and dedicated hospital staff, who despite the obvious dangers, continued to treat the man and dealt with his immediate health needs.

“It is however very concerning that there are those in society who act in a way which risks the wellbeing of our very hard working hospital staff and disrupts a hospital emergency centre.

“Any abuse of hospital staff is a most serious matter as is acting in a way which disrupts the running of a hospital facility. Our health workers in all sectors of our health service deserve the highest praise for their efforts and especially in this incident in the face of what was a significant risk.”

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