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Stacey wins stunning NHS quilt as Pauline thanks all who helped support her fundraiser

The beautiful quilt tribute to the NHS has raised £401 after being raffled

A beautiful quilt tribute to the NHS has raised £401 after being raffled.

The quilt – which also features a mini scrub top and mask – took Pauline Frazer two weeks to create from start to finish.

Pauline, from Newtownhamilton, said the individual pieces had to embroidered separately, and the letters NHS appliqued, sewn in strips and then all the pieces stitched together.

When Armagh I highlighted the story in April, Pauline said: “I have been busy sewing masks and donating them all to the NHS and frontline workers.”

She explained she wanted to do something different and this one-of-a-kind quilt is what she created.

At £1 an entry, the fantastic work has now been won.

And the winner was Stacey Dougan.

Said Pauline: “A total of £401 was raised from my making up of the quilt. Thank you to everyone who donated.”

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