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Two men in van go door-to-door in Lurgan before duping resident out of £50

Rogue trader police

Two men in a van went door to door in Lurgan chancing their arm before eventually duping one resident into having work done on their home.

Police have issued a warning after the incident in the Wood Lane End of the town on Tuesday afternoon.

“They went door to door to see who they could convince to allow them to carry out work,” said a police spokesperson.

“Unfortunately they managed to talk a resident into getting work done on her gutters.

“The ‘work’ took 10 minutes and what they had agreed was not done. This resident lost £50 to these individuals.

“Folks if something doesn’t feel right it more than likely isn’t. Get a second opinion, ask for more details about the business and ask for everything in writing prior to work being conducted.”

What do do in these situations: 

Rogue Traders will try and talk householders into paying for the services they are offering. They will often be unqualified to carry out these services and will either do a poor job or may take the payment and not do the job at all. Being targeted in this way can be very upsetting and have a profound effect on the individual who has been targeted.

Callers should always be asked for proof of identity. Genuine callers will be only too happy to provide this information and to wait outside the property until it is verified. No caller should be given access to the property until the householder is sure they are genuine.

What can you do?

Practise good doorstep behaviour

Never to leave doors unlocked and do not to leave keys in an unsafe place (such as under doormats or flower pots)

Follow this procedure when answering the door:

– Before answering the front door, make sure the back door is locked.
– If there is a door chain, remember to use it before opening the door.
– Ask the caller for their identification and check it carefully.
– Ask them to wait outside and close the door – genuine callers will not mind.
– Ring Quick Check on the police non-emergency telephone number 101. The call will be answered personally and promptly by a trained operator. They will check with the company that the person at the door is genuine. If they are not or they think that there is something suspicious, the operator will be able to send the police directly to you.
– Do not let anyone into the property until you are satisfied as to who they are.

Keep money and valuables safe

– Do not keep large sums of money at home.
– Do not leave valuables or items of great sentimental value where they could be easily taken.
– Mark property, and ideally keep photographic and detailed records of valuables.
– Documents containing personal details which are no longer needed should be burned or shredded.
– Keep credit cards safe and never have the PIN written down.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary or suspicious tell the Police.

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