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Driver shook up after young man opens back door in attempt to steal valuables

A female driver was left shocked after a young man attempted to steal valuables while she was still in the car.

The incident happened on Saturday afternoon in Lurgan.

SDLP representative Thomas Larkham, who spoke to the lady in question, explained what happened.

“The lady was pulling up to a relatives house in Edward Street, Lurgan in her car when, to her surprise, the rear passenger door opened and a male aged between 18-25 reached into the back seat of her car.

“Once confronted he ran off into the Shankill estate.”

He added: “Thankfully nothing was taken or nobody was injured; the woman was a little shaken up but had there been valuables, or had this person gotten into the car, we could be looking at a very different situation.

“This incident has been reported to PSNI and I have been asked to highlight this with you all so please be extra vigilant.”

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