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Hospital drama: Six officers deal with struggling and abusive man at A&E

Police have apologised to patients and staff at Daisy Hill for disruption caused when they were dealing with an abusive man at the hospital’s A&E department last night.

The man had been taken there after punching his hand through a window.

Officers first encountered the man when they were called to deal with a domestic incident.

They were forced to use CS spray and the man fought and managed to get away.

The PSNI in Newry and Mourne reported: “Colleagues deployed to the area and a short time later the male was located close by the original incident location. He was detained and had suffered a cut to his hand after punching through a window.

“The offender had to be taken to hospital for treatment prior to going to custody.”

When there, he had to be restrained by two officers and surrounded by another four and still decided to “have another go” while in handcuffs.

He was placed on the flood and his legs strapped to restrain him.

Police continued: “Despite his abusive language and struggling, the magnificent doctor and nurses treated the man, patched him up and we were able to take him on to custody. He will be dealt with later this morning.

“To the patients in the waiting room, apologies that you were forced to listen to the man in question and watch his carrying on, to the patients whose treatment was put back as a result of this thank you for your ‘patience’ and to the staff – thank you whole heartedly for your efforts! You don’t get paid enough!”

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