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Police investigate reports three black males followed schoolgirls into playground

Officers work to establish motive for 'suspicious behaviour'

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Police are investigating reports that three black males – believed to be aged in their 20s – followed three schoolgirls on to school grounds in Craigavon on Tuesday morning.

Officers in Craigavon are still trying to ascertain the intentions of the three, who are said to have emerged from the underpass and crossed into the grounds at Lismore Comprehensive.

They have appealed for people to come forward if they have any information on the behaviour, which was described as “suspicious”, or to the three concerned to explain their actions.

The PSNI also made an appeal on social media and used the occasion to urge parents to speak to young people again about ‘stranger danger’.

They confirmed: “From our investigations so far, including a review of CCTV footage, we can see no reason for their behaviour.

“What we can say however is that there was no direct interaction between the males, who were in their 20s, and the schoolirls.

“There is the obvious concern around their intentions with the girls, however it cannot be ruled out that any sinister intent was aimed at the school building itself in the run up to the summer break.

“With no motive, or indeed confirmation of anything untoward, this is still a good time to remind parents and students of stranger danger, the importance of not stopping for anyone you don’t know, and going straight to somewhere you know is safe – home, a friend’s house, or in this case school. Don’t accept lifts, sweets, or any other unsolicited gifts from strangers.

“If you saw anyone matching the description in the area, know who they are, or indeed if you are them and there has been a misunderstanding, please contact us on 101.

“The reference number is 311 of 26/06/18.

“Finally, there is always a degree of Chinese whispers and rumour spreading that goes around after such an incident. If you know something that we don’t, let us know. Please refrain from speculation, assumptions, or jumping to conclusions as that will help no one. What will help is passing on ALL info directly to us.”

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