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Resident of Armagh city centre hostel smashed window after returning from pub

District judge: 'You have pleaded guilty which you deserve full credit for as this shows remorse'

Linen Court Hostel

An Armagh man who smashed a window at a local hostel has been fined £100.

The 27-year-old’s legal representative told court the defendant has had a “hot turn” since his release from prison finding employment and making plans to put a deposit on a flat.

Eamon Connor Graham, whose last address was Linenhall Street, was charged with criminal damage at Armagh Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Court heard that on February 10, at around 3am, police were contacted by the staff of Linen Court Hostel with regards to damage at the address.

Officers arrived to find a pane of glass from the kitchen that had been smashed lying on the ground in the backyard with a chair below the window.

After being identified as the perpetrator the defendant was arrested and cautioned.

He asked officers: “What window did I smash?”

During interview at Lurgan Custody Suite, Graham told police he had returned from the pub to his hostel room on the date in question at around 2am.

However, later he would state he may have gone to use the computer which was located in a room adjacent to the kitchen.

Court heard that a witness claimed they could place the defendant in the yard just after the smashing of glass was heard.

Graham had claimed that many people used the yard and that anyone could have committed the offence.

Court heard that the defendant had gone to the hostel to offer to repay for the damage but they had told him to wait for the courts to deal with it.

Defence counsel stated: “This man was in a relationship and had one child but this broke up leaving Mr Graham homeless.

“Since his release from prison, he has had a hot turn; he had found employment and is residing at the Sisters of Mercy but is putting down a deposit of a flat.”

District Judge Peter Magill said: “You have pleaded guilty which you deserve full credit for as this shows remorse.

“You do have one live suspended sentence but I am not going to interfere with it because it is for a totally different type of offence.”

Graham was ordered to pay £100 of compensation to the hostel and was fined £100.

This along with the offender’s levy of £15 is to be paid within 16 weeks.

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