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Owner of family cat horrifically burned with bleach in Armagh brands culprit ‘evil’

The cat's owner has asked for neighbours to check CCTV in a bid to catch the culprit

Bleached cat in Armagh

The heartbroken owner of a 14-year-old family cat says the person responsible for covering her beloved pet in bleach is just “pure evil”.

The woman – who lives in the Orangefield Drive area of Armagh – says she just cried when the vet confirmed her suspicions that the cat had been deliberately covered in bleach.

The cat suffered horrific wounds of the flesh – so much more than the owner had realised at the time.

Speaking to Armagh I, the woman – who did not want to be named – has pleaded with neighbours in the Orangefield Drive area to check any cameras they may have and to come forward to police with information.

“Hopefully somebody has seen something, or maybe someone has had something similar happen to their pet,” she said.

However, this wasn’t the first instance where her cat has been targeted in this fashion.

She explained: “Last year, I was away with the caravan looking after my mum for a week, and my son was here looking after the cat. When I got home, I noticed her hair was a different colour, like right down her spine and she was all like raw and sore down her back.

“This time I was treating her with an antibiotic I have for her here in the house but she didn’t seem to be healing – she was being very, very sick.”

That’s when she took the cat to the vet in Armagh who confirmed that she had been badly burned with bleach.

“Do you see when the vet shaved its hair? I actually thought she had about seven wounds, but no, she had about 15 to 20 wounds. I just was gobsmacked. I just cried, knowing the state she was in.”

Fortunately, the cat is doing well with the medication – if a little sleepy at the moment.

“She’s such a placid and friendly wee cat who never, ever ventures too far,” she continued. “She’s part of the family – she’s my wee baby girl.

“And the kids around here absolutely love her; she’s more like a wee dog to be honest. To do that to a defenceless little animal, it’s just pure evil.”

While the owner and her kids are “heartbroken” she raised concerns over the culprit.

“The vet said to me today – if they can do that to an animal they’ll do that to a human.”

Police in Armagh confirmed they received a report that a cat had been “deliberately burned” with bleach on Thursday, February 9 within the vicinity of the Orangefield Drive area.

A spokesperson told Armagh I that enquiries are continuing and anyone with any information is asked to contact 101.

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